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Unit Citation


Squadron Shields 
& Unit Crests

Keep your image strong with our custom manufactured, squadron shields and unit crests. Constructed of rugged 0.090" tempered aluminum substrate, each continuous sheet is supported with a rigid, welded, skeleton. Precision manufactured, all crests are aesthetically outlined following the contour or profile of the applied image, eliminating a "squared" design. Applied digital enlargements are transferred onto vinyl film, then laminated, providing a five year minimum lasting UV protection. Welded, frame ends are machined with pre-drilled bolt holes, affording easy installation onto your ship's stack or bulkhead.

Per your specification, we can outfit as a decal only, or equip utilizing our rigid, welded, aluminum support. There are no size restrictions on the scale of our manufactured enlargements. Most applications range from 36" to 72" in height.
Segmented Design Option
For utility applications such as a folding garage door, a segmented design can accommodate the height measurement of each door panel, where the finished layout will move and fold, as the door is opened.

Design Service

Concerned about the quality of your artwork? Our computer artists can skillfully render your sketch, photograph or a compromised image into a complete digital file suitable for enlargement. This service has proved invaluable to newly commissioned units who desire a crest or logo from scratch, so that they may identify the character of their group.





Each command logo and unit crest application is unique, where we recommend that you contact us for a quotation so we may fulfill your current need. Please allow a manufacturing cycle time of 3-4 weeks for completion of most scaled enlargements utilizing a welded support.

Oversize shipment to your destination.

Rigid, welded, aluminum support.

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