Materials Selection
A Note About Acrylic Sheet…. Comparatively, certain materials are better suited for a given application than others. For that reason, Sea Display, Inc. manufactures its products using tempered aluminum sheet on exterior applications where radar reflectivity is not a concern. The cited overview, highlight many of the benefits gained from selecting optimal materials for the job.

Characteristic Acrylic Sheet Tempered, Aluminum Sheet
Size Availability 1/16", 1/8", ¼" and ½" 0.040", 0.050", 0.063", 0.090" and 0.110"
Corrosion Resistance High High
Machineability Excellent Excellent
Conductivity Low High
Heat/ Melt Resistance Poor Excellent
Low Thermal Expansion Poor Excellent
Impact Resistant Low High
Abrasion Resistant Low High
Maleability Poor Excellent
Solvent Resistance Poor Excellent
Ultra Violet Performance Colored materials fade with time. Excellent
Aging Performance Becomes brittle with time. Indefinite
Dimensional stability Product bends with increasing surface area. Product remains stable over increasing surface area.
Surface Bonding Adhesives, glue Weld, machined hardware.
Environmental Impact Non renewable resource. Aluminum recycles.