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Ship Service Ribbon Boards


Designed for durability, our service ribbon boards are constructed with the marine environment in mind. Using a 100% aluminum substrate, minimal thermal expansion and excellent corrosion resistance make these awards ideal for the open sea, offering a returned savings to your budget. High performance vinyl film eliminates premature color fade, and provides uniform coloration for all the ships we serve.

Operational Attachments:
The beauty is in the details! That is why all our operational attachments are constructed in three dimensional relief, following the proportion and color of the dress uniform equivalent. Each attachment is coated in a metal-flake, lacquer finish, creating a display that is distinguished in appearance.

Mounting Options:
Most layouts are welded into a fixed configuration. Using this method eliminates any vibration and potential loss overboard your ship. Standard attachment is achieved by bolting onto the ship's bridge wing or bulkhead by incorporating the use of our pre-welded, aluminum tabs. Displays incorporating this method of attachment have sustained the highest winds without failure.

For ships where a bolted bulkhead mounting is prohibited, we can provide exterior grade, double-face tape for mounting. High gauss magnets are also available for displays totaling your ribbon number.

Concerned about loss of a magnetic display overboard your ship? No worry. Engineered to withstand high winds (+60 knots), fixed displays incorporate multiple magnet placements, where the quantity and placement vary according to each display size. Constructed with a 420 stainless steel cup, all ferrite magnets are rated for 85 lbs. of pull, and are secured by 316 stainless steel hardware. Spacing between ribbon rows allow air to circulate through the display, dissipating wind shear.  Layout Example: A ribbon display of six (6) awards would comprise three (3) magnets, providing a combined pulling power of 255 lbs! The weight of each display is only 8 lbs!)

Incorporating high gauss magnets into the display, attachment can be made to your submarine's sail. Each display can be easily dismounted, and stowed prior to leaving port.

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Ordering Information:
In order to provide the most accurate price quote, please specify the following items when placing your order:

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Frame Size Selection:
Two frame sizes are available:

3.50" x 12.00" per ribbon. (One row of three is 36" wide). Use on vessels up to 130 ft. in length.

4.75" x 16.00" per ribbon. (One row of three is 48" wide). Use on vessels 110 feet and greater.

Mounting Preference:
Option 1:
Aluminum welded frames - Each display is welded into a fixed configuration, where aluminum tabs allow for a #10 machine bolt or screw. Mounting is performed by drilling pilot holes into the bridge wing or bulkhead, and securing the aluminum tabs with hardware.

Option 2:
High Performance, Double-Face Tape - Having high tack, tape is applied to a continuous sheet comprised of one, two or three ribbons wide.

Option 3:
Individual Magnetic Mount - Each ribbon segment is outfitted with a single magnet, allowing the display to be "assembled", or re-arranged when adding subsequent awards.

Option 4:
Complete Magnetic Mount - Aluminum welded frames totaling your ribbon number are affixed with multiple magnets, providing optimal pulling capacity. Each continuous display can be removed from its substrate when servicing the bridge wing or bulkhead.

Identical or mirror image displays:
Please indicate your ribbons order of precedence as either identical or mirror image. Identical image displays read from left to right. Mirror image displays read left to right for one display, and the opposing display will read from right to left (opposite direction).

Order of Precedence:
List individual ribbons in order, from highest merit to lowest. For assistance with order of precedence, please refer to our award schedules.

Navy Award Schedule      Coast Guard Award Schedule

Please indicate from the provided list, the number of operational devices required to meet your ribbon's award:

X-31 3/16" Gold Star
X-32 3/16" Silver Star
X-33 3/16" Bronze Star
X-51 5/16" Gold Star
X-52 5/16" Silver Star
X-53 Silver Operational "E"
X-54 Silver Operational "O"
X-61 Silver Operational "E" with Wreath
X-62 Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster
X-63 Silver Oak Leaf Cluster
X-64 Bronze ROV Gallantry Cross Palm Unit Citation
X-65 Bronze ROV Civil Actions Palm Unit Citation
X-66 Silver ROV Campaign Date Bar
X-67 Gold Kuwait Liberation (Saudi Arabia) Palm Tree
X-68 Gold Hurricane Pinwheel Device

All quotations include operational attachment/ devices, and shipping within the contiguous 48 states. Alaska, Hawaii and international shipments require an itemized shipping quote. As your ship receives subsequent awards, we can provide additional attachments using the listed schedule. Vinyl repair materials are available, should your ribbons require servicing.

Ribbon Board Samples





Ribbon Board Configurations:
We manufacture displays with a few as one (1) ribbon, or a many as twenty-seven (27). Your available space for mounting the completed display is the only limiting factor.

Photo courtesy U.S. Naval Institute.
Photographer U.S. Navy (Kevin Tierney)

US Navy and Coast Guard:
More than 400 vessels are proudly displaying our service ribbon boards. The following is a partial listing of recent additions:

          US Navy (USS)
  • ANZIO (CG-68)
  • CHOSIN (CG-65)
  • HIGGINS (DDG-76)
  • LABOON (DDG-58)
  • McFAUL (DDG-74)
  • NASSAU (LHA-5)
  • OLDENDORF (DD-972)
  • OSPREY (MHC-51)
  • RAMMAGE (DDG-61)
  • RAVEN (MHC-61)
  • ROBIN (MHC-54)
  • ROSS (DDG-71)
  • RUSSEL (DDG-59)
  • TORTUGA (LSD-46)

          US Coast Guard (USCGC)
  • CAPSTAN (WYTL-65601)
  • DALLAS (WHEC-716)
  • ELM (WLB-204)
  • FORWARD (WMEC-911)
  • GENTIAN (WIX-290)
  • KEY LARGO (WPB-1324)
  • LEGARE (WMEC-912)
  • MOWHAWK (WMEC-913)
  • NEAH BAY (WTGB-105)
  • SENECA (WMEC-905)
  • SPENCER (WMEC-906)
  • TAMPA (WMEC-902)
  • TYBEE (WPB-1330)

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