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Interdiction Decals

Whether performing drug interdiction, or protective fish enforcement, ships displaying these decals are not missing anything on their watch! All decals are adhesive lined with a white, opaque background, and are available in the following sizes:
PN Name Description Price Order Qty.
DC-12 Cocaine Decal 12x12 Cocaine Decal; 12" x 12" Blue snowflake with red X. 7.55
DC-6 Cocaine Decal 6x6 Cocaine Decal; 6" x 6" Blue snowflake with red X. 3.65
DF-6 Fish Bust Decal 6x6 Fish Bust Decal, 6" x 6" Black striped bass with red X 3.65
DM-6 Marijuana Decal 6x6 Marijuana Decal; 6" x 6" Green leaf with red X. 3.65
DM-12 Marijuana Decal 12x12 Marijuana Decal; 12" x 12" Green leaf with red X. 7.55

There are no minimum order requirements on any denomination of our drug enforcement decals. A $4.50 shipping charge will be added to your order.

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