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CG Presidential

Unit Citation


Navy Battle Excellence Awards

Construction Designed for "care free" display of a unit's command excellence or achievement, each operational device is precision cut from heavy, tempered aluminum sheet, then hand finished with high performance, exterior grade vinyl film. We kept the marine environment in mind when selecting our materials, so your awards will endure for years to come. All awards follow current specification for dimension and color, and are standard equipped with high performance, double-face tape, allowing for permanent placement. Optional magnetic mounting utilize a 420 stainless steel, magnet cup design, affixed with 316 stainless steel hardware. A minimum of three magnets are typically found on letterforms, where each magnet has a 35 lb rated pull. Our large letterforms utilize high gauss magnets, each with a 110 lb rated pull.

Note: The exceptional bond strength of our magnetically mounted awards are designed for prolonged exposure while underway at sea.

Material selection guide.

PN Name Description Material Price Order Qty.
NV-100 Battle Efficiency 24"x30" Battle Efficiency with Shadow 24.0"W x 30.0"H, Use for NATO STANAG designations AOE, AGF, CG, LCC, LHA, LHD, MCS, LPD, LSD
Decal 109.50
Tape 229.90
Magnetic 312.46
NV-101 Star 6"
Decal 9.48
Tape 21.00
Magnetic 36.88
NV-102 Hash Mark 6" Hash Mark with Shadow (6") For Battle Efficiency NV-100
Decal 23.81
Tape 62.10
Magnetic 92.82
NV-103 Battle Efficiency 20"x25" Battle Efficiency with Shadow 20.0"W x 25.0"H, Use for all other NATO STANAG Designations
Decal 74.85
Tape 189.02
Magnetic 239.34
NV-104 Star 5" Star ­ 5" with Shadow For Battle Efficiency NV­-103
Decal 8.34
Tape 23.58
Magnetic 32.82
NV-105 Hash Mark 5" Hash Mark with Shadow (5") For Battle Efficiency NV-103
Decal 18.16
Tape 52.16
Magnetic 82.48
NV-106 Battle Efficiency 16"x20" Battle Efficiency with Shadow 16.0"W x 20.0"H, Use for NATO STANAG designations ARS, FFG, MCM and MHC
Decal 40.25
Tape 143.31
Magnetic 186.95
NV-107 Star 4" Star ­ 4" with Shadow For Battle Efficiency NV­-106
Decal 7.18
Tape 18.30
Magnetic 27.38
NV-108 Hash Mark 4" Hash Mark with Shadow (4") For Battle Efficiency NV-106
Decal 13.52
Tape 46.26
Magnetic 75.88

Working toward the vanguard of quality, our exterior products are manufactured for durable use throughout the world.

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